BPSS Monthly Challenges

Richard Ballantyne came up with a great way for us all to 'keep insane' as he put it, 'an idea to while away the hours whilst we fight the coronavirus battle'. He suggested a fortnightly 'making' challenge to a set theme, which will be judged by our members and other participants. At the end of each fortnight, members send in a photo of the finished piece and anonymous photos are put on a web page for voting. At the end of the voting we reveal the three top places and all of the makers names.

The challenges will go on for as long as there's enough people taking part or until we're through the crisis. At the end there will be a prize for the person who has the most points of the season. But really it's just a great way to communicate, entertain and 'make' with a focus. The winner of each challenge sets the next theme. Your entry can be 2D or 3D in any material or combinations of materials. Anyone can take part. Please name your entry and state very briefly what method/materials have used when you send in your photo. A good resolution jpg is best as I’ll be enlarging the image to sit on an A4 pdf page. This will be sent out by email to accompany the web vote.

If you’d like to take part in the latest challenge please send your entry by the deadline date to Yvonne Cornes

Enjoy taking part!

Click here to see the latest Challenge The closing date is Sunday 25th April 2021.

Previous Challenge winners to date

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