Hilary Audus

By profession I am an animator. I have been directing now for over 15 years, my last major job being "The Snowman and The Snowdog" which was screened last Christmas on Channel 4. I have been making small sculptures for the last 3 years, an interest of mine since art school, but one which I have only just been able to fulfill since having a studio built in my garden. I am attending adult education classes in Winslow in order to get my pieces fired.

Email: hilary<at>

Richard Ballantyne

Richards work is varied, from life-size paper clay sculpture to thrown domestic stoneware, although he is mainly known for his sculptural work in Raku. He likes to place a pot into a kiln and have it finished and cleaned within the hour - sometimes with cries of delight, sometimes with just cries!

Email: rairballantyne<at>

Maxwell Cowlin

I make a wide selection of stoneware pottery mostly wheel thrown ranging from small bowls to garden pots, plus some abstract sculptures.

Email: info<at>


Trish Hall

I am an artist as well as a potter. Having painted for many years, in all media, ceramics is a recent addition to my creative life and is something I love!

Art has played a big part in my life for many years but until recent retirement, pottery was something that had to wait till I had more time. I find it exhilarating and totally absorbing and the more I learn the more I want to learn.

I love building and throwing, glazing and raku finishing; any method is exciting and unpredictable.

Instagram: #patricia217hall

Email: patricia217hall<at>

Pat Hopper

Email: Contact via the website at the top of this page

Chris Inder

I enjoy the challenge of designing and making and strive to create pieces that are tactile and beautiful as well as functional. My work is all made in porcelain, decorated with a transfer technique and/or glazed and fired to suit their purpose.

Email: chris<at>


Jane Ostler

I have been dabbling in pottery and ceramics for a number of years through adult education classes. Now I am retired I have more time (or so I thought) to play with clay. I use the potters wheel, and handbuild some items, mainly in stoneware, but also in earthenware clay. I also take part in Raku firing whenever possible and love the unpredictable results. All my pieces are individual, no two pieces are the same! My work is mainly domestic ware, but inspiration comes from everywhere for sculptural pieces. Although I work mainly on my own at home, I still enjoy attending group classes to share and get inspiration from others. There is always something new to learn.

Email: j.ostler<at>


Carol Read

Email: carol<at>


Dorothea Reid

Installations and ceramic sculptures.

Email: info<at>


Caroline Selvey

My interest lies in ceramic sculpture based on animal, human and organic forms which are constantly evolving. On occasions the work combines ceramics and glass with a desire to express three dimensional harmony of line, form, texture and colour.

I also run short courses in both Ceramics and Glass at various Buckinghamshire venues.

Email: caroline.selvey<at>

Paula Sutton

I hand-build decorative items including stylised animals, buildings or vessels. My work is often influenced by my love of sci-fi and fantasy books, which can result in some unusual and quirky objects.

Email: paula.sutton<at>

Irenke York

Nature and primitive art forms are my chief sources of inspiration. I mainly create unique hand-built domestic/wildlife sculptures and ethnic subjects in a variety of finishes, especially burnished and smoke-fired.

Email: clementiart<at>